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    What is LipZipz®?

    LipZipz® is a natural lip balm product that soothes, moisturizes, and protects the lips from the harmful effects of the sun and wind.

    How is LipZipz different than other balms?

    The truth, is that almost anyone can put together natural ingredients and make a lip balm product. There's a lot of natural lip balm makers out there.

    LipZipz becomes different from competing lip balm makers when you consider the following: 

    • You don't lose the tube or the lid. We've tackled the most common problem in lip care: LOSING THE PRODUCT ITSELF. Does it really matter what lip care product you have in your pocket if you know you will eventually lose it? The patented LipZipz container has an integrated recoiler and hook that can attach to virtually anything. Hook it to whatever you like, keep your lips protected, and never worry about losing your balm or lid again.
    • One handed application. To raise and lower the balm, we put the twist at the top of the tube. We did this because LipZipz is made for outdoor activity, and with the twist at the top, you can apply the balm with one hand, and not have to stop your action. It's easier and more convenient now than ever before to protect and moisturize your lips.
    • Highest quality natural ingredients. LipZipz is a high quality natural lip protection product. Our balm is petroleum free and beeswax is used as the natural base ingredient. The only ingredients that are not natural are the (SPF) sun protection ingredients. 

    People choose LipZipz instead of other lip care products because they don't lose it and because of the high quality natural ingredients. No other lip care product better protects the lips for the active outdoor lifestyle.
    Does LipZipz have SPF sunscreen?

    All LipZipz products contain SPF 15 sunscreen. Because LipZipz easily attaches to things, it is the perfect lip care gear item for outdoor activities. Because of this, all LipZipz current and future products will have SPF sun protection.

    How do I get sponsored?

    We're pumped you want to represent the LipZipz brand! However, we don't generally accept unsolicited sponsorship requests. Our scout team is always watching for up-and-coming stars at events and competitions. Go out, have fun, master your craft, and maybe one day you will catch the eye of a LipZipz athlete field scout.

    How do I get some free stickers?

    Send us a self-addressed envelope and we'll send you out some stickers for your sticking enjoyment.

    If you are within the U.S. or Canada mail the envelope to:

    LipZipz Free Stickers
    90 West 500 South #121
    Bountiful, UT 84010

    Give us a couple of weeks to process and get them back to you. If you're outside the U.S., go to International Support and contact your local distributor.

    How do I become a dealer?

    If you are a brick & mortar retailer please email us at info@lipzipz.com, Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5:30pm MST and we'll get back to you promptly.