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    LipZipz was born in the rocky mountains of Utah.


    LipZipz was born in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. The product was designed by snowboarders and skiers who had a serious problem of losing their lip balm while riding on the slopes. Lost lip balm translates into dry, chapped and sunburned lips. The riders went on to design a product that could easily attach to their coats, and could easily be applied during the action. Each product contains the highest quality natural lip care ingredients and SPF sunscreen protection.

    The LipZipz product is now valuable gear to triathletes, skateboarders, hunters, fishers, bikers, runners, boaters and virtually anyone engaged in the active outdoor lifestyle.

    LipZipz, LLC is a company that focuses on making innovative lip care products. LipZipz is not a large conglomerate that also makes laundry detergent. We know our market and focus on lip care products that matter to active lifestyle enthusiasts.